If a subsea system requires all titanium connector components

Birns Expands Millennium Series Performance, Materials Options


Birns announced new performance characteristics in its BIRNS Millennium 1V RF connector series, and the addition of all titanium connector components to the entire BIRNS Millennium line.

The latest comprehensive third party testing yielded impressive new results for its range of open face pressure resistant, deep submergence RF connectors. The most recent results, at GPS frequencies of 3GHz, include excellent 1.83:1 Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), and low insertion losses of just -.212dB.

The 1V coax series provides an ultra-compact 75? contact in the same footprint as a 50? contact. Cable assemblies in this series are ideal for HD/SD video with signal frequencies to 3GHz, for shortwave antennas, or for low-power RF needing minimal signal attenuation. And, due to its design, the 1V will fit into any of the many Birns coax 1C configurations, offering a range of flexible, powerful new options in a small space. This technology provides system developers the ability to mix 50? and 75? lines in a single connector, with the highest performing pressure-resistant RF contacts in the industry.

If a subsea system requires all titanium connector components, the entire Birns Millennium series now has options of all titanium parts, from the coupling ring and shell to the snap rings. The series also offers selections that combine titanium and Delrin, as well as stainless steel and phosphor bronze.

imageThe 1V coax series provides an ultra-compact 75? contact in the same footprint as a 50? contact. Photo courtesy Birns

Image credit Valeport

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