iXblue launched its first Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV): FlipiX.

Meet FlipiX: iXblue Launches New ROTV


At Ocean Business 2021 in Southampton, iXblue today launched a new ROTV -- FlipiX -- designed to enhance autonomous survey scope.

Designed to be operated autonomously from iXblue DriX Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) or from a light vessel, FlipiX enhances autonomous survey capabilities and allows to conduct multi-sensor operations in a single run.

Leveraging advanced motion control and a reduced operational footprint, FlipiX is a designed to be a unique conveyance platform for Side Scan Sonars (SSS) and magnetometers. Operating at towing speeds up to 7 knots, the FlipiX ROTV altitude, pitch and roll are autonomously controlled to maintain measuring instruments at a fixed altitude and constant attitude. This active motion control bestows the ROTV with increased stability and maneuverability, even during U-turns, resulting in enhanced measurement quality in the most challenging maritime environments and in reduced survey time.

When combined with the DriX USV, FlipiX can operate down to 50 meters water depths in its standard version and provides optimal positioning of measurement instruments for a data acquisition as close to the seabed as needed.

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