Luis Mejia (Photo: Greensea)

Greensea Strengthens Support of Special Ops Program

Greensea Systems, creator of OPENSEA, the universal open architecture software platform for the marine industry, announced the recent hiring of Luis Mejia as Program Manager for SOF Technologies to support Greensea's continued growth in the military sector. Mejia served in the U.S. Military as a combat diver in Special Operations Forces (SOF) for more than 23 years. He found this open position at Greensea while participating in The Honor Foundation, a nonprofit organization assisting with the transition of SOF service members to the civilian sector.

"Greensea is committed to making the RNAV2, our navigation and control product used in the STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD), the best possible tool for a combat diver. This involves really understanding the RNAV2 from the user perspective," said Ben Kinnaman, Greensea CEO. "Who better to lead development and train users than someone who intimately understands the combat experience. Greensea is incredibly excited to have someone of Lu's experience and character on our team."

"I'm excited about the transition that I've made from active duty to Greensea," Meija said. "Greensea has a culture and customer base that feels familiar, which I appreciate. I talk to and train people who have the same daily challenges that I had.

"The Honor Foundation was a great endeavor during my transition from active duty, as it prepared me to seek out what I truly wanted in my next career. THF laid the framework to figure out my "why" in terms of what I was seeking and passionate about. I am truly grateful for The Honor Foundation for teaching me how to transition properly and even more grateful that Greensea gave me this chance. I could not have landed in a better place."

Greensea said it continues to hire for both Richmond, Vt. and Plymouth, Mass. locations.

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