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RS Aqua launches WaveRadar REX2


RS Aqua launched its next generation WaveRadar, the WaveRadar REX2. In been in development for several years, the WaveRadar REX2 is half the size and weight of the legacy REX, consuming 10 times less power while offering a 25% greater range and still maintaining its accuracy.

The WaveRadar REX2 is powered by a new Emerson microwave sensor, using the same Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) measurement technique that has been used by the WaveRadar REX over the past 20 years. This new higher frequency sampling unit enables a greater measurement range of up to 80 m, and the same high accuracy over this distance (3 - 6 mm, dependent on range).

Every WaveRadar REX2 will be supplied with a new software package called WaveConfigurator, enabling system set up and diagnostic monitoring by end users in the field. Unlike its predecessor, the WaveRadar REX2 incorporates an LCD screen for instantaneous sensor measurement display, as well as status and health data. It has a complete stainless-steel and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) external construction, making it virtually maintenance-free, and highly resistant to corrosion or extremes of temperature or humidity.

The WaveRadar REX2 is fully backwards compatible with all existing REX installations. It includes a new suite of hazardous zone certifications, facilitating global installations in almost any offshore or other hazardous location.


Del Mar Oceanographic, RBR Ink Deal

Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) and RBR signed a collaboration agreement for the provision of Wirewalkers with RBR CTDs and sensors in Australia and New Zealand.

Klein to Produce Synthetic Aperture Sonar

Mitcham Industries, Inc. announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, Klein Marine Systems, Inc. has entered into an agreement with a European defense contractor to jointly upgrade

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Swathe Services Takes Delivery of SBG Ekinox Navsight INS

Swathe Services has recently added the SBG Ekinox Navsight to its equipment demo pool. After trials on manned and unmanned vessels operating under bridges