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Malin Wins $1.3m WAve Energy Contract

Posted by Michelle Howard

Malin Renewables has secured a $1.3m contract to supply a fifty-tonne wave energy converter.

Malin has been appointed by AWS Ocean Energy Ltd to build the half scale Archimedes Waveswing power generation device, designed for offshore wave energy production. The development of the Archimedes Waveswing is funded by Wave Energy Scotland through its Novel Wave Energy Converter program.

The Waveswing will be fabricated and assembled at Malin's Westway Park site in Renfrew. This latest wave energy award affirms Malin's place in the renewable market, having previously completed fabrication projects for offshore wind farm development and the design and build of an offshore microgrid buoy for a tidal energy project.

Activity will commence immediately to create the first partial-scale converter, which will work to verify the concept to drive forward grid scale and micro grid scale variants.

This developmental step is supported by a continued working relationship between AWS and the wider Malin Group, which is set to continue in the future through the development of the Scottish Marine Technology Park (SMTP).

The SMTP, the first of its kind in Europe, will be developed on the upper Clyde at Old Kilpatrick and will be a center of excellence for the marine industry, creating 1000 jobs.

It will feature a large fabrication facility and a deep-water jetty with a 1,100 tonne ship hoist - the largest of its kind in Scotland - which will be required to support the commercialization of wave energy technology of this scale.

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