The PingGuin. Image courtesy EvoLogics

MTR100: EvoLogics in Focus


In its September/October edition, Marine Technology Reporter presented its 16th Annual "MTR100", a focus on 100 leading people, companies and technologies in the subsea space. Featured here is EvoLogics GmbH.

EvoLogics GmbH is a German-based high-tech enterprise, founded in 2000 by a group of scientists and R&D experts aimed to develop key technologies for the maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences. EvoLogics GmbH designs and manufactures underwater information systems and novel robotic solutions based on bionic concepts, combining cutting edge engineering with the best ideas found in nature.

EvoLogics provides cutting-edge underwater communication and positioning systems, as well as novel robotic solutions. The company's spread-spectrum technology allows it to deliver optimal results for various subsea applications. EvoLogics products include several series of underwater acoustic modems, underwater acoustic positioning systems (USBL, LBL), and the Sonobot surface vehicle for surveying and monitoring.

EvoLogics aims to offer solutions for multiple underwater communication, positioning, navigation and monitoring applications. EvoLogics' developments are based on the patented S2C (Sweep Spread Carrier) technology - the acoustic telemetry that provides an independent bidirectional data link along with positioning, broadcasting and networking capabilities. S2C devices can simultaneously facilitate telemetry and navigation of unmanned underwater vehicles. They enable retrieving information from various sensors and allow controlling complex processes by seamlessly combining communication with highly accurate positioning. Moreover, EvoLogics caters to the needs of scientists, developers and commercial customers with a series of underwater acoustic devices and software tools that offer an open development and testing framework, providing endless opportunities for new implementations.

S2C systems have been designed for operations in harsh underwater environments and enhanced with special algorithms for signal processing and data management. The company's extensive experience with sensor integration allows it to provide customers with turn-key solutions ranging from initial deployment up to recovering the equipment.

EvoLogics' robotic solutions include the SONOBOT 5 uncrewed surface vehicle. The USV is a fast, compact and robust platform for planning and executing bathymetric and side-scan sonar surveys that can deliver accurate geo-referenced bathymetry and high-quality imagery with minimum transport, launch and recovery efforts.

The company recently introduced uncrewed underwater vehicles with bionic designs, inspired by real-nature conuterparts. Envisioned as sensor carriers for automated monitoring missions, these include the Manta Ray, Poggy and PingGuin robots that are currently undergoing further development for self-coordinating swarm operation.

imageSONOBOT. Image courtesy EvoLogics

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