Popoto Modem announces Version 2.7 of its acoustic modem.

Popoto Modem announces V2.7 for Underwater Acoustic Modem


Popoto Modem announces Version 2.7 of its acoustic modem, designed to be a low cost, small scale, JANUS compliant underwater communications and control operations. The upgraded version offers expanded features and improved ease of deployment in both OEM and fully enclosed configurations.

"We remain committed to providing affordable and flexible solutions to ocean engineers, scientists, equipment designers and anyone interested advancing the underwater internet of things," says John DellaMorte, CTO of Popoto Modem. With that in mind, the company improved the user interface, adding online help and a simplified command set -all in a framework that allows users to easily tailor the modem to their applications.

"We've created a generalized GPIO framework that allows for remote acoustic switching either through the default pshell, or via the Python, C++, JSON or MATLAB APIs," said Aaron Bangs, software engineer at Popoto Modem. The upgraded modem is useful for a wide range of remote command and control applications and is currently being used to develop innovations in commercial fishing and undersea exploration. In addition, a new multi-hosting capability allows multiple users to connect to a single modem. Version 2.7 also features an improved baseband and passband recording capability, that allows the modem to operate at the same time as the PCM data is recorded or played.

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