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Teledyne Marine Tech Event a Success

Greg Trauthwein

(Photo: Greg Trauthwein)

This week Teledyne Marine is holding its Technology Workshop at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego, an event which attracted 270 registrants from around the world to southern California for discussions and presentations on new and emerging technologies, as well as insights on how the products and systems are deployed in the real world.

The event is a great success, with Teledyne Marine serving as a gracious host start to finish. But the real value of the event is the fact that it is not simply an advertisement for the company, rather a true collaboration of Teledyne Marine, its customers and many additional companies that collaborate ... and in some areas even compete ... with Teledyne Marine's 23 brands. In addition to the guests, there are more thna 100 Teledyne Marine personnel on-hand and openly available for topical discussions.

Watch this space in coming months, both on and in the pages of Marine Technology Reporter, for a wealth of new stories on emerging technologies touching the scientific, defense and commercial subsea communities.

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