CZMIL SuperNova: a full geographical bathymetric lidar solution.

Terratec AS Takes Delivery of Next-gen CZMIL SuperNova Lidar Bathymetric Solution


The CZMIL SuperNova combines the deep bathymetric lidar experience of Teledyne Optech with comprehensive processing software from Teledyne CARIS to provide optimized geospatial solutions

Teledyne Optech delivered its next-gen bathymetric lidar CZMIL SuperNova to Terratec AS of Norway, the first private company to acquire the CZMIL SuperNova and the only company in the EU to engage in work around environmental change and coastal zone mapping using the CZMIL SuperNova.

CZMIL SuperNova also introduces SmartSpacing technology to enhance efficient point spacing across the swath, onboard processing capability for reduced post-processing and three configurable modes for maximizing performance in different marine environments.

As a complete geospatial solution, CZMIL SuperNova has integrated software from Teledyne CARIS to provide seamless integration for processing and deliverables. The complete CARIS Ping-to-Chart workflow allows for a myriad of deliverables that go far beyond the point cloud.

The unit taps into advanced AI techniques for automated land/water discrimination and noise classification, too.

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