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Before and after images of heat-stress related coral bleaching in American Samoa

Analysis Shows Coral Loss of 14% Worldwide

The largest global analysis of coral reef health ever undertaken indicates that rising ocean temperatures resulted in a 14% loss of global corals. The Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2020 report from NOAA and partners around the world also found indications of coral resilience in some locations,

Victor Vescovo

Winners of Captain Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration Announced

The 2021 Captain Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration has been won jointly by Commander Victor Vescovo, USN, Retired and Patrick Lahey for the 2019 Five Deeps Expedition and further dives of scientific or historical interest in subsequent years, the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) announced.

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Scientists Come Closer to Solving Caribbean Seaweed Mystery

Scientists were baffled when a band of seaweed longer than the entire Brazilian coastline sprouted in 2011 in the tropical Atlantic - an area typically lacking nutrients that would feed such growth.A group of U.S. researchers has fingered a prime suspect: human sewage and agricultural runoff carried by rivers to the ocean.

Two saildrones awaiting deployment from Dutch Harbor, AK. Credit: Courtesy of

NASA Sends Robots to Study Climate Change in the Arctic

On July 7, 2021, NASA sent two robotic explorers to the Arctic to collect sea surface temperature data and improve estimates of ocean temperatures in that region. Pairing up with Saildrone, a designer and manufacturer of non-crewed surface vehicles or USVs, researchers hope to use the results to better

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Vontobel and Candriam back Belize's barrier reef 'superbond' buyback

Belize edged closer on Friday to securing a unique environmentally-friendly debt restructuring after two more of its 'superbond' holders publicly backed a plan that would see the serial defaulter commit to protecting its giant barrier reef.The government of Belize laid out a groundbreaking proposal last week offering to buy back the $526.

A joint deployment of an environmental sensor processor off the Washington coast by NOAA and the

NOAA Awards $41 Million for Ocean Observing

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Office on Tuesday announced 11 new five-year cooperative agreements that support the continued growth, expansion, and modernization of our nation’s climate, coastal, ocean and Great Lakes observing capabilities.

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China Pursuing Bigger Ocean Carbon Sinks to Help Meet Climate Goals

China will explore ways to increase its ocean "carbon sink" and enhance climate resilience in its marine ecological system as part of its pledge to reduce greenhouse gases to net zero by 2060, officials said.A carbon sink is a natural or an artificial reservoir that can store carbon extracted from the atmosphere.

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A Warm Ocean 'Blob' Is Causing Chile's Megadrought

A blob of warm water in the southern Pacific is fueling a decade-long megadrought in Chile, and climate change is at least partly to blame, scientists say.The "Southern Blob" east of New Zealand is driving hot and dry conditions in Chile, with snow caps melting on the Andes, reservoirs running low and once-lush landscapes withered.

MV Silver Supporter on the previous expedition to Henderson Island, 2019.

Pitcairn Islanders to Embark on Key Scientific Survey

On September 1, 2021, the Pitcairn Island community will lead a scientific survey to their remote outer islands, carrying out crucial research and monitoring work on their marine environment. Twelve Pitcairn Islanders will be on board the research vessel Silver Supporter as it travels to the outer islands of Henderson,

Schmidt Ocean Institute Seeking Communications Interns

Schmidt Ocean Institute is seeking applicants for the 2021 Science Communications Internship.The Science Communications Internship aims to provide educational and practical support to graduate students studying marine science, communications, journalism or a related field. Interns will work with Schmidt

(Photo: The Scottish Association for Marine Science)

Marine Robotics to Help Uncover Hidden Link in Glacier Melting

Marine scientists on Friday will deploy robotic vehicles on a dangerous mission to the face of a glacier in Svalbard as they attempt to expose the hidden link in how rapidly melting Arctic ice is changing our ocean.The mission to Ny Ålesund, the world’s most northerly settlement, is a collaboration