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Fukushima Water Release Plan Gets Initial OK from Japan Regulator

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) granted an initial approval on Wednesday for a Tokyo Electric Power's (Tepco) plan for releasing water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into sea, citing there are no safety issues.The NRA plans to make a decision on final approval after a one-month public comment period,

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Oceans are Hotter, Higher and More Acidic, Climate Report Warns

The world's oceans grew to their warmest and most acidic levels on record last year, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Wednesday, as United Nations officials warned that war in Ukraine threatened global climate commitments.Oceans saw the most striking extremes as the WMO detailed a

Julek Chawarski (Photo: ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.)

ASL Hires Chawarski as Biological Oceanographer

ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. announced the appointment of Julek Chawarski to the position of Biological Oceanographer. Chawarski contributes nearly a decade of experience in fisheries science, with expertise in forage fisheries and biological oceanography in coastal and deep ocean ecosystems. He

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Silver Ships Delivers RHIB to NOAA Research Fish Biologist Team

Mobile, Ala. boatbuilder Silver Ships announced it recently delivered a customized Ambar Series vessel to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).The vessel is a custom-built Ambar 6 meter (AM600), designed to be operated from NOAA oceangoing ships. At just under 28 feet in length,

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The Ship that Found Antarctica’s Endurance Wreck is Vital for Climate Science

It was 1914 when the English explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition aboard a ship called Endurance. It was an ill-fated journey: the ship got trapped in the ice and eventually crushed by pack ice in 1915. It sank to the bottom of Antarctica’s Weddell Sea.

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OSIL Debuts New Marine Snow Catcher

Global marine systems manufacturers Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) has unveiled a new addition to its Marine Snow Catcher / Microplastics Sampler family.These samplers can facilitate a greater understanding of the export processes of the oceanic organic carbon and nutrient cycles, and can

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Great Barrier Reef Hit By Bleaching as UNESCO Weighs 'In Danger' Listing

The Great Barrier Reef has been hit by bleaching due to heat stress, the Australian agency that manages the reef said on Friday, ahead of a visit by United Nations officials reviewing whether the reef should be listed as being "in danger".Australia last year dodged an "in danger" listing for the reef,

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Maersk Vessels Transmit Live Weather Data to Meteorologists

Container shipping giant A.P. Moller - Maersk said it has teamed up with National Meteorological Service of Germany, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) to install automated weather stations enabling a portion of its fleet to transmit live data to help forecast weather and climate.In the largest project of its kind, A.

The GOES-West satellite captured this imagery of the Tonga volcanic eruption on Jan. 15, 2022.

Tsunami Models Underestimated Shockwave from Tonga Eruption

The volcanic eruption in Tonga this month unleashed an atmospheric shockwave that radiated out at close to the speed of sound, pushing large waves across the Pacific to the shores of Japan and Peru, thousands of kilometers away.Forecasting models and warning systems, designed primarily to assess earthquake-triggered waves,

Professor Ed Hill receiving CBE insignia from HRH The Duke of Cambridge and Windsor Castle.

NOC's Professor Ed Hill Receives CBE

The National Oceanography Centre’s Chief Executive, Professor Ed Hill, received the insignia of a CBE at an investiture at Windsor Castle held by HRH the Duke of Cambridge. Professor Hill was awarded the CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honors 2020 list, in recognition of his services to ocean and environmental sciences.

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Tonga Tsunami Waves Are Still Being Felt in Australia

The eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha'apai created a tsunami felt across the Pacific Ocean. This includes Australia, where small but measurable tsunami waves were still being recorded as late as Monday afternoon. These may even persist into Tuesday morning.The sea level gauge at Nuku’alofa,